Why Don’t You Make Your Neighbor Your Friend

Have you as a homeowner ever envisioned moving house! Well, shifting from one location to the other is not as simple as it sounds, especially if it is a place you have lived almost all your life. When you choose to sell your home, you overlook something important, and that is the guy who has been your neighbor for a very long time. Many times when we are putting our residences on sale, we only think about landscaping of the front lawn and a good paint job on the house and driveway. What we fail to notice is that even after we have renovated building, your immediate neighbor might discourage potential buyers from ever completing their end of the bargain.

It is after you have done a thorough home refurbishment exercise that you step outside to see your accomplishments that you then get the surprise of your life. Good heavens you say, my neighbor’s driveway looks like a junk yard! Like any reasonable person, not even you would be willing to settle down in a neighborhood where other residents have no regard for aesthetics and cleanliness. To avoid all the above, it is your responsibility to plan ahead, since you never know when you might be moving out.

Be Your Neighbor’s Keeper

Wherever you live, you should make it your responsibility to mingle with the people around you so as to enhance livability. For example, who would you turn to first if you were home alone and unfortunately ended up sick? Would it not be your neighbor!

Thus, it is imperative that you build significant associations with your friends so that when it comes to you selling a house, they will be there to support you. It is only in this way that you can avert problems in future.

Update Your Adjacent Residents On A Possible Home Sale
You never know when opportunity will knock on your door, but when it does, there is nothing that can stop you from advancing in life. The same applies to our homes. You might be compelled to shift to a new location probably because you have found a better paying job with house benefits in a very distant land. For this reason, it would be highly responsible of you to communicate with your neighbor and let them know that you might shift sooner than later. By telling them this, you are indirectly preparing them to offer their assistance on your home sale whenever it is feasible. Also, you reduce chances of discouraging a potential buyer from purchasing your home during Real Estate Virtual Tours due to the poor condition of the neighborhood your house settles in.

Engage Them In An Open Discussion
It is very common for homeowners to share the same fence or even an open driveway. When the time comes for you to sell your home since you have to move to another place, that is when it dawns on you that it is not only your building that requires immediate renovations but also the exterior spaces of your neighbor’s home. Since it is impolite to overstep and start doing refurbishments on your friend’s abode without his consent, it is always important that you have a sit down with him and request that he sees to it that the aesthetics of his dwelling are re-done. To be on his good side, you should also offer to settle all maintenance costs. Doing the above is what might yield you wonderful Real Estate Virtual Tours.


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